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Mysterious Treasure Map Found In Old Diary

Joy was vandalising some of her old diaries (I may have misunderstood her explanation…) when this map fell out. The handwriting looks like mine. She has no memory of the map at all.

Treasure map drawn in felt-tipped pen and flouro highlighters
Mysterious hand-drawn treasure map

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Photo of the cover of the book 'Personal Geographies'

Maps to the Treasure

Last night something reminded me of hand-drawn treasure maps. X marks the spot. And Here be Dragons. I used to see them a lot in the sort of books I read as a kid in the sixties and seventies. Pirate maps, fantasy maps (Hyboria, Lemuria, Middle Earth…), science fiction maps (Barsoom and others), tropical archipelagos with seaplanes flying the mail routes between them. And especially the maps in Arthur Ransome’s wonderful Swallows and Amazons stories.

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