Mysterious Treasure Map Found In Old Diary

Joy was vandalising some of her old diaries (I may have misunderstood her explanation…) when this map fell out. The handwriting looks like mine. She has no memory of the map at all.

Treasure map drawn in felt-tipped pen and flouro highlighters
Mysterious hand-drawn treasure map

Aspects of the map make sense, but overall nothing quite works. It is probably a symbolic representation of our current rural property, with its several buildings and various geographic details.

The island with the lake and waterfall could be the spring-fed pond near the intermittent creek, or it may be the bath and shower! Neither of us can guess what the erupting volcano represents. And the swamp near the strange gong symbol also is pretty confusing, though we do have a gong on our front veranda. I think that the islands of the morning (at the top) and the evening (at the bottom) are directional indicators for sunrise (East) and sunset (West).

I don’t remember making it, but I do vaguely remember carefully tearing the paper away around the edges, to make it look less like a mass produced piece of paper. I have to assume I made it as a map to a gift that I had hidden so Joy wouldn’t stumble over it accidentally. I have completely forgotten what I had hidden at the big X.

The writing looks Latin-inspired to me, so far as I can tell. I don’t read Latin, but Joy learnt it at school long ago. Since I don’t understand Latin, I must have spent some time looking for translations from English. The sad thing is that if I, who created it, can’t work out what it meant, I imagine Joy couldn’t either, and I probably had to lead her to the treasure in the end. And neither of us can remember any of that!

Sometimes the creative mindset is so focussed that the experience doesn’t make it across to regular memory. At least, that’s my excuse!

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